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Other Names:
Battle Athletes Daiundōkai, Battle Athletes Daiundokai
Comedy, School, Yuri
Anime (TV)

In the future, mankind has progressed remarkably in their technological and athletic ability, leading to the creation of a whole university completely devoted to the training and competing of the worlds most athletic girls. Kanzaki Akari, daughter of a former cosmo beauty, is a spoilt and somewhat naive child, who since the loss of her mother has decided that she would strive to attend the university satellite as was often mentioned by her mother. However, having a famous mother and seemingly little to no athletic ability of her own, only serves to make her the subject of everyone's jokes and hated by her mothers admirer. We watch as Akari is forced to realize how spoilt she had been and has to learn to stop making excuses as she fights for her ticket to the satellite.

This anime is done in 3 different sections, the Antarctic qualifier, the university satellite (and the competition for Cosmo Beauty), followed by the final competition which shows the reason behind the University Satellite and mankind's emphasis on athletic ability.

A somewhat corny story at times, Battle Athletes Victory shows the girls different reasons for wanting to compete in the competition for Cosmo Beauty as well as their relationships with each other as they strive to improve themselves in that ever ongoing competition to improve their own performance. This anime has many Yuri connotations and relationships, starting with her commonly misunderstood friendship with Itchan followed by Kris' self-proclaimed love and obsession with Akari where she confessed her love to the hijackers on the shuttle to the satellite even though it was only their second meeting.
Itchan and Kris' obsession with Akari provide for an interesting rivalry later as they both fight for possession of Akari when they meet.

This anime features a range of strong characters, from the overly enthusiastic wild girl Tanya (from Africa), the spoilt rich girl and cheater Wong Ling Pha (unsurprisingly Chinese) to the emotionless machine like girl Lahrri Feldnunt and her emotionally unstable rival Mylandah Alkar Walker.
This anime focuses quite considerably on the comedy aspect of the clash between the characters, and this is a good feel good story designed to help children to be more positive and believe in themselves, however it is noticeable that for each section, Akari seems to take many steps back before rushing forward in an unbelievable instant improvement. Starting as the worst athlete and then immediately becoming the best athlete.

Overall, with this anime's insane subject matter featuring such herculean women, and its constant going back and forth with Akari's emotional state. This anime does appear to be more ridiculous than interesting at times, however this is a great comical series and has just enough continuity to keep you entertained for hours, with unexpected twists and some unexpected history's for some of the characters (including the quiet and nervous room mate Anna Respighi) this anime has many things to keep its viewers entertained.

The OVA for this anime is a somewhat different story which stretches over 6 episodes, and personally I prefer many of the alterations and twists for this. But if you have not watched the original series or read the original manga, there will be some sections of the OVA which you might not understand. The OVA focuses purely on the middle section with Akari arriving at the University Satellite, but no explanation is provided as to what the final contest Akari was being taken to at the end was for, or the true reason for the satellite which is provided in the main anime.

All in all this is a good watch, but some discretion is advised for younger audiences as there are many innuendos made regarding Akari and Kris' relationship, and though you never see anything, there are quite a few scenes where Kris can be found stripping off and walking naked through the room (all to do with her religion and worship). There are also many scenes of physical violence and some injuries which might upset younger audiences.

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