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SciFi, Romance, Drama
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Nothing more refreshing than watching a story about young love unfolding. Plastic Memories has been the talk of the town of it's tear jerking story, so I went in to see what the fuss is all about.

We start with Tsukasa Mizuagki in a futuristic, technologically advanced society, who is a newbie joining SAI Corporation that is known to produce humanoid androids that possess human emotions named Giftias. He joins a specific department named the Terminal Service Department where their jobs is to recover Giftias after their expiration date. In comes Isla, a known veteran of the Terminal Service Department who is partnered with Tsukasa to retrieve Giftias.

Characters and Voice Actors:
Isla: Pronounced "Ai-la," she is the veteran of the Terminal Service Department and makes very good tea. Voiced by Sora Amamiya who is also Akame from Akame ga Kill!, Princess Asseylum from Aldnoah Zero and Touka from Tokyo Ghoul.
Tsukasa Mizagaki: The newbie of the Terminal Service Department whom is totally clueless about his job and Giftias as well. Voiced by Yasuaki Takumi who doesnt do many main roles, but some of them are Shouta from Mujaki Rakuen and Yuuki from Jinsei.

The artwork and animation is provided by is provided by Dogakobo who has also animated Yuru Yuri, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Myself;Yourself, and Himouto! Ummaru-chan . The artwork is similar to their previous works with cutesy character designs along with vibrantly crafted scenery that enhances the romance aspect of it. The art style has a young look to it that fits perfectly in a show like Plastic Memories about young love.

The opening is softly sung, pretty heartfelt and it fits nicely. The ED is soft too and is decent as well. OST is composed by Masaru Yokoyama who has also done music for Nobunaga the Fool, Queens Blade, Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso and Freezing. Some of the OST tracks with vocals sound like a better opening for the show like Kurogane which I find...impressive. Gathering from my muscle memory and youtube, the rest of the soundtrack is well crafted and definitely helps people...cry on the feels train.

Final Comments:
Overall, the show is well made with of course things that need to be tweaked. It consist of a cutesy love story, drama here and there, and is just heartfelt for most people (Though I only teared up, rather than full-out cried). The show is a nice watch if you're looking for some heartwarming, but don't go in expecting anything melodramatic. However, there are issues I must address that can leave the viewer questioning the show. This includes possible spoilers.

-One flaw that is very minor and more like a personal preference was when Souta cried on his little birthday celebration, his voice strangely broke out of tone/octave from his young boy voice that I found myself laughing longer than I should have over it.
-For a technology advanced society, they've failed to align that setting by having the giftia's memories not possible to save. The memories should be simple data, so using a giftia specialized USB or SD card kind of storage should be...relatively simple. It sounds like writers pulled this one just to create the feelings in the show which does greatly
impact it.
-Another flaw with the show is the fact that these Giftias are a common thing to have...yet these giftias have a good likelihood to go haywire and become monstrous, harming or killing innocent people. To be honest, no one would buy these, and is another aspect of the show that ruins the technologically advanced society concept, too.

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