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Other Names:
Squid Girl
Comedy, Kids, Magic
Anime (TV)

Invade! Invade! Invade! Ika Musume, Kyu! Finally an anime with an almost perfect balance between cute, comedy and cluelessness. Ika Musume revolves around the life of a young girl who is not an ordinary child, in fact she is actually a squid, come from the ocean to invade the land and overthrow humanity, her first target: Lemon Beach House. The Lemon cafe belongs to a family of two sisters and a little brother, and she decides to use this place as her base from where she will begin her one woman invasion. However, things do not go as she plans when no-one seems to fear her and not only that, after breaking a hole in the wall of the Cafe, she finds herself being forced to work in the shop to pay the costs of the hole. She tries many times to take over the building, only to be struck down by the eldest sister Chizuru whose martial arts ability is not just phenomenal, but monstrous.

This series sees many different misunderstandings and attempts at conquest as Ika never gives up her quest to take over the world, though the people around her quickly realize that she is actually a very nice, sweet girl leading to her being surrounded by many friends instead of the subjects she was initially trying to make humanity. Ika is often confused and often forgets her task is to stop humanity polluting the ocean by overthrowing them and instead begins to act like a normal girl, using her 10 tentacles in many different situations. But it is not just her tentacles that make her different, there are other features, some even she is not aware of, that she soon learns she has, though no real use is ever found for them, they are successful in adding more comical aspects to the show.

I loved this series, Ika Musume is cute as the main character with Eiko being an almost perfect second to her lines what with being the most normal and straight-laced of all the characters. The short stories involving Little Ika Musume are my favourite scenes, the cuteness of the little finger-sized version of Ika is a nice change of pace during the comedy and adds a somewhat pleasant and sometimes sad story to the series, her inquisitiveness being many times that of the real Ika Musume, even without any words these small scenes are perfect to keep the series interesting. I would definitely recommend this series to anyone who wants a good laugh and just loves any element of cuteness. This series is guaranteed to keep you laughing for ages, and singing its catchy theme song forever.

(There are 2 series + 1 ova available for this anime at the time of this review)

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