Review: Gakkou Gurashi!
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Other Names:
School Live!
Slice-of-Life, Psychological, Horror
Anime (TV)

Yuki Takeya is a cheerful young girl who enjoys her wonderful school life with her friends, the athletic Kurumi, the mature Rii, the bookish underclassman Miki.

Together they belong to the School Life Club along with their teacher Megumi Sakura and Taroumaru, a dog. The club itself is a strange one as all members are required to live and sleep on school campus. The other club members can be a bit strange too...Kurumi is always carrying a shovel for some reason. But to Yuki, none of this matters, so long as she can enjoy her last year at school.

But the truth is even more horrific than Yuki can comprehend.

Other than the club itself, there are no more people in school at all.


Because the city and possibly the world, is in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Outside the safe haven of the school, the twisted forms of former friends and family stalk the streets eager for a taste of human flesh....

With a very misleading set of opening credits and its overall cutesy feel, the show reminds me a lot of Puella Madoka Magica which had a similar twist, only with magical girls instead of zombies.

The series focuses more on the physiological effects of the end of the world rather than sheer survival. Watching the show from Yuki's twisted viewpoint is horrifying in itself, but coupled with the occasional bit of zombie killing and her slowly fracturing mentality makes it even scarier.

Thats not to say it can't be cutesy and funny at times. Most of the time you could probably forget you are watching a horror show and just enjoy the strange antics and interactions between the cast members.

At only 5 episodes in (or over 30 chapters of the manga) the series has a long way to go before it's completion, but what I've seen so far is extremely promising and I look forward to the rest!

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