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Superpower, Action, Comedy
Anime (TV)

Intro: Have you ever saw panties, become embarrassed and all of a sudden gain superhuman powers and destroy the whole world? Well, thats the originally made anime Punch Line for ya, coming in with its' absurd humor.
Story: The whole story centers around Yuta who has a strange habit of seeing a girl's panties accidentally and gets very excited, gaining superhuman powers. After a robbery on a bus, Yuta is stuck with his soul getting kicked out his body which leads him to try and get his body back from whoever took over his body...or is it?
Characters and the Voices
Yuta Iridatsu: The main hero who is a young lad that lives in the Korai House Complex. He is voiced by Inoue Marina who is also Yozora from Boku Wa Tomadachi ga Sukunai,Tooka from Date Alive, Rei from Highschool Of the Dead,Laura from Infinite Stratos and many more.
Mikatan Narugino:The cute and optimistic girl, she is a part time super hero that goes around fighting crime who also resides in Korai House. Voiced by Amamiya Sora she is also Akame from Akame ga Kill, Princess Asseylum from Aldnoah.Zero, and Touka from Tokyo Ghoul.
The opening is goofy, cheerful and certainly drilled its way into my heart. It’s certainly charming and catchy once you listen to it often. The soundtrack is mediocre at best, composed by Komuro Tetsuya who has also done music for Lucky Star. A lot of the OST consists of electronic music, which fits into the atmosphere and show quite well but nothing really stands out to me within the songs.
Artwork: The show is animated by the studio MAPPA, an animation studio thats a bit on the newer side with well made works such as: Zankyou no Terror, Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis, Kids On The Slope, and much more. As usual from Mappa’s work, the artwork’s quality very much shows in its colorful characters and scenery. The action scenes are awesomely done as well.
Final Comments:
Punch Line is definitely a must-see for those who love a comedic-action-hero-esque show. Though, the show as some daunting flaws that can easily have viewers turn away from it. First off, one big issue I have with this show is the first half which leaves the viewer clueless and overall slow, until the second half where it explains everything clearly. After the first half, the show really kicks into full throttle. Secondly, the inclusion of the rest of the characters: Hikiotani Ito the NEET, Daihatsu Meika the computer genius, Chichibu Rabura the useless spirit medium. I personally find Ito and Rabura mostly superfluous to the progression of the plot, besides Meika who does assist Yuta and Narugino. However, I do think Ito and Rabura do add more flavor into the show itself as well, so they’re a double edged sword. Lastly, the mediocre OST which is a minor minus but it does its work to enhance action scenes and the show itself. With that, I have to say this show is a very light hearted and fun watch, but a difficult first half that some people may turn away from it. Once you get through the first half, you’ll have a great treat waiting for you!

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