Review: Ayatsuri Sakon
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Other Names:
Puppet Master Sakon, Karakuri Zoushi Ayatsuri Sakon
Psychological, Mystery, Tragedy
Anime (TV)

Sakon is a puppeteer from a well renowned family, to perfect his art he travels the country to visit places with historical significance, but his travels are not as easy as it would first appear. Each time Sakon goes somewhere, he seems to come across a murder and as it has become his hobby, he finds himself investigating to find the culprit. Together with his puppet Ukyon (who exhibits a much more loud and obnoxious personality to Sakon), Sakon searches for clues and asks questions to find the murderer, often putting him into dangerous situations. With his detective Aunt, who jumps to conclusions quickly and is not very bright, Sakon often finds himself heading the investigation from behind the scenes.

A great series for anyone who likes the mystery genre. With a similar sort of investigative feel we get from Jigoku Shoujo, Ayatsuri Sakon balances the cultural heritage with its mystery theme perfectly and leaves the viewers guessing at every twist and turn.

Unlike many mystery anime, Sakon actually does well in hiding the culprit, and the reasons behind the murder are all realistic and possible to understand. Though the series does not actually have a main storyline as its focus is on the different mysteries, Sakon does not lose its charm no matter how long you watch.
Admittedly with this series you may not watch it in one go and will probably find yourself watching it only a couple of episodes at a time, but the flow is such that you can drop in and out of the different mysteries (other than the last one), without any trouble.

If we were to say what was bad with this story, it would be the weakness of its last case. In comparison to other cases, the last case was very tame and they tried to cram too much information into the last couple of episodes. The history part of the last story could also have done with more detailed explanation and a larger part of the air time.

Over all this was a great anime and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone. Especially those who are fans of series such as Case Closed or Q.E.D.

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