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Black Lagoon is a Anime series created by Rei Hiroe in 2002, featuring 2 series and 24 episodes (excluding the OVA)


The Anime centres around the Lagoon company, a group of four pirates who are based in Roanapur, which is the land of criminals and everything illegal.
The main character is Rockuro Okajima (called "Rock" by his co-workers) who is captured by the Lagoon company after being called on to deliver a disk to the Russain Mafia, he is kept as a hostage but joins the Lagoon company
after Revy invites him. The series follows all the jobs they have and all the trouble they run into. It's more of a action Anime above anything else as in every episode there can always be a gun fight to be expected.


Rockuro 'Rock' Okajima: Rock is a Japanese buisnessman, whom works for the Lagoon company after choosing to join them. It is known that Rock is a man of reason and doesn't agree with Revy's violent ways of dealing with situations.
It is also known he has never picked up a gun in his life, but although this is true, his voice of reason and understanding is often known to get the crew out of scrapes...Much to Revy's surprise. Rock is much different from
everyone else in Roanapur as he always manages to remain 'sane' as he puts it.

Rebecca 'Revy' Lee: Revy is a Chinese-American pirate for the Lagoon company, also known as 'Two Hands' by the citizens of Roanapur, she is the gunman of the crew and always resorts to violence for every situation. She
uses Sword Cutlass (also known as custom M9 Barretta's) but sometimes uses other weapons too. Unlike Rock, Revy believes in shoot first, ask questions later which often gets her into trouble. She is also a bit of a tsundere type too.
Revy is also a heavy smoker and drinker...And a bit of a potty mouth.

Dutch: Although little is known about Dutch, he's the boss of the Lagoon company and deals with all job related inquiries. His personality isn't very well known but it is visible that he does care for the other members of his crew.
Dutch is also one to use guns, although he mostly likes to let Revy deal with that.

Benny: Benny is Jewish, he is often seen at his computer (which he won't let anyone touch) and like Rock, doesn't believe in violence and also has never picked up a gun.

The Lagoon company run into other coloruful characters in the series, such as Roberta, Jane and Hansel and Gretel.


This is my overall favourite Anime and for such a good reason, it's not just violence, this Anime also has a very good plotline to it, and it's always interesting to see the characters back stories once they are revealed.
The characters all have different personalities and backgrounds, and it's a good thing, because they are all different in their own way it makes the Anime really good to watch. The characters interactions towards each other
are all different also, which leads to interesting situations. It's not so much of a fantasy Anime either, it's realistic, but within reason. It's not so realistic that it makes it boring to watch at points, but it's not
extremely unrealistic either.


There is a reason why most people tend to dislike this Anime: violence and language. This Anime is heavily packed with language, as during the first series alone (12 episodes) the f bomb is dropped more than 100 times and it's
mostly by Revy. It's definitely not an Anime for younger audiences. There is also a heavy amount of violence, with a gun fight in almost every episode. This Anime definitely isn't for people who cannot handle language and violence,
there is also a fair bit of blood and sometimes some sexual content.

Overall opinion:

Despite the negatives, I do think this is a really good Anime, some of the characters are really badass and it's worth a watch for anyone who likes action. It can also be catagorised as a comedy at some moments as the characters
do have senses of humour. Although I definitely think they could slow down on the f bombs, but it's what makes the characters themselves. It's more proof as why Black Lagoon is my favourite Anime.

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