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Comedy, Action, Romance
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Dog and scissors is an anime which I hold dear to my heart. It tells the story of a avid book reader named Kazuhito Harumi. Harumi is a fairly boring guy who really doesn't do anything exciting in his life except read books and wait for the new release (Lust) of his favorite writers Shinobu Akiyama.

One day he is reading in a cafe when suddenly it gets robbed. The robber approaches a female next to Harumi and she is not pay attention to the robber. Harumi jumps into action and tries to take the gun from the man, and is shot to death. While dieing the only thing Harumi is thinking about is Shinobu Akiyama's new book and how he can't die before it comes out. When Harumi wakes up he realizes he's been reincarnated into a dachshund (a type of dog). That's when the lady he protected passes by and sees him. She can hear him speak, so she gets him and eventually and gradually falls in love with him. When she takes him home he finds out that she is her favorite author Shinobu Akiyama! Her real name is Kirihime Natsuno and she was totally different than he expected her to be!

Kirihime Natsuno is a bit of a tsundere when it comes to Harumi but Sadistic and loves messing around with Harumi. The thing i love most about the story is the fact that Harumi is so oblivious to Natsuno's feelings toward him.
It's funny to see what type of situations he gets himself into because of it. The art style is beautiful and well made. and the characters are unique to this anime.

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