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Other Names:
Nanaka Juu-nanabun no Roku
Comedy, Kids, School
Anime (TV)

All Children want to be grown ups, but for Nanaka Kirisato this wish is about to come true in a way she never expected. Now 17 years old, Nanaka and her childhood friend are attending highschool. Nanaka a bookworm despised by her class and has no interest in human interaction other than with Nenji and her father, Nenji a delinquent who gets annoyed at his childhood friend always picking faults in his lifestyle. One day when Nanaka was lecturing Nenji on his delinquent behaviour, they got into an argument, only seconds after which Nanaka falls down the stairwell and needs to be rushed to hospital. But the fall had more of an effect than just damaging her body, it appears that she has now got an acute sense of amnesia where she has lost all her memories since the time she was 6yrs old, and thus the school life of 6yr old Nanaka in her 17yr old body begins. Hiding her accident she continues to attend school ready for the day her memories return, but this new outgoing and loud Nanaka will not go unnoticed by her classmates.

A wonderful story showing the innocence of a child as she struggles to fit into an adult world. Nanaka 6/17 is available in both dubbed and subbed for the whole family to enjoy. With Nanaka's obsession with her childhood anime "Magical Domiko", we find ourselves jumping from one obsession to another as she tries to imitate her TV hero.

A great story that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, Nanaka 6/17 deals with both the lighter and darker sides of her memory disorder as well as her hidden feelings for her childhood friend. A somewhat tame story, Nanaka 6/17 does not have that sense of action that some anime fans may prefer, but it is a great story for those who love the more plot orientated anime. A comical series, Nanaka 6/17 features a host of different character types, from Nanaka's kindergarten rival in love, to Nenji's self-proclaimed rival and his violent little sister. There is no end of comical events.
The most straight laced characters are Miss Amemiya and Nenji who work together to help protect Nanaka and stop her classmates from finding out. However Amemiya is also trying to get closer to Nenji and is hiding her feelings adding a further competitor to the Love Triangle of the story.

If I was to choose a negative for this anime, it would have to be its slow progression in the early series which contrasts with the accelerated story towards the last few episodes. However this does not ruin the story and gives you that sense of how quickly her disorder resolves after things begin to change.

I would recommend this to families with children as it is a series with both can enjoy. If you're looking for action, though there is some in this series, it is by no means the main focus and often just ends with a stereotypical Manzai humour slap or hit of the Boke.

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