Review: Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san
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Comedy, School, Yuri
Anime (TV)

At only 5mins per episode, this series is a short and fast moving gag anime which follows the story of Inugami, a girl who true to her name acts like a puppy, Nekoyama, a girl who like her name has many personality traits of a cat, and Aki, their straight laced friend who keeps Inugami under control.
The anime begins with Aki introducing Inugami to her classmate Nekoyama. Nekoyama who acts like a cat but loves dogs, and Inugami who acts like a dog but loves cats, feel their encounter is like fate and their relationship begins. Nekoyama who is the tsundere character of the show, loves Inugami and gets jealous easily, however she tries to stop Inugami's advances at every turn whilst secretly regretting doing so. Inugami is an idiot girl who is true to her feelings and takes every opportunity to get close to Nekoyama, although her attempts to make Nekoyama return her affection can sometimes border on the criminal side. The relationship between these characters is so strong, that if it was not for the straight laced Aki who keeps Inugami in check, things could get rather dangerous.
As the series progresses we notice that the series loves to play on the names of their characters to describe the individual character traits, whether it be Nezu-san who is the quiet and manipulative type, or Saru-san who is a different type of Tsundere to Nekoyama and often finds herself in situations which contradict her denial of being anything like a monkey as her name would indicate.

An interesting and very comical series, Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san is full of devious plots and innuendos and is not really suitable for young children. With a strong Yuri theme, it is the perfect anime for all those who love this remarkable genre.
Though the anime is short being only 60mins in total, it is a great filler anime between series and is perfect for those with little time to watch anime.
I do feel that though it was often suggested that they were getting closer and closer throughout the anime, that the lack of a kiss between the two girls before the end was a little disappointing, though we are often led to believe it will happen when it fails at every turn.

A sweet but somewhat adult humour anime, I would recommend this series to all, but as mentioned before, caution must be advised for those who want to watch this in the same room as young children.

The shortness of this anime is sad, however I do feel that if you were to extend this series much further, it would definitely feel stretched, so I feel that this is the best length for this series.

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