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Comedy, Romance, Slice-of-Life
Anime (TV)

At first glance, Kyoko would appear to be a rather old fashioned girl. Not caring for fashion or makeup, she instead works until she drops every day at several part time jobs so that she can provide for her childhood crush who she still completely adores. With an obsession regarding fairy tales, she is quite happily working towards her own happy ever after with the one she assumes to be her very own Prince Charming, no matter how difficult he makes life for her. However, when she goes to visit Sho’s studio where he is working, she witnesses something that will drastically change her point of view in anything relating to love.

Once that Pandora’s box in her heart is forced open, this sweet, well-mannered young girl changes completely, and not entirely for the worst. With a new hair style, make up and more fashionable clothing, she searches for a way to join the celebrity business alongside the man who broke her heart for her ultimate goal… REVENGE. However, the course of hatred never did run smooth…

This anime follows Kyoko as she begins to make her way in the celebrity business with her sheer stubbornness and surprising acting talent beginning to forge a path for her to a new future. However, with many misinterpretations and… strange hobbies, this tale lends itself easily to the comedic genre, despite the darker themes that arise on occasion. With voodoo dolls being mistaken for idol plushies, and a burning hatred being interpreted as the passions of an obsessed fan, her path is filled with hilarious miscommunication and the road block that is known as Tsuruga Ren which creates an anime perfect for someone looking for a light hearted series to pass the time.

Overall, I personally found this anime to be entertaining and engaging, with the subtle hint of ‘forbidden’ romance that makes everything all the more amusing. I would generally recommend this for a teenage and up audience due to a few darker themes, but overall, it was a good anime to watch when you want to laugh at a largely eccentric and unpredictable heroine fumbling around in a completely oblivious manner when it comes to matters of the heart!

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