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Comedy, Adventure, Magic
Anime (TV)

No game no life is a story about a N.E.E.T (Not in Employment, Education, Training) Brother and sister who plays video games all day. Sora (The older brother) who excels in psychology, can read any move or plan an opponent might have so he excels at cheating. While Shinro (his step younger sister) who's great at calculations but is horrible at telling if someone is cheating and if someone will pull an "unpredictable move" or the human side of things. Together they are know as "blank" an unstoppable force, But alone they cannot function. They also cannot beat each other in any type of game to the fact they are polar oppisites, and know each others moves to well.

Plot: One day after becoming one of the top players by beating a guild with over 1200 players they receive a mysterious message saying that someone knows that they're "Blank" and they wish to verse them in a game, they accept and they win. After they win they are sent to another world called Disboard (The world of games). A world with no war, and everything is dictated by whether you lose or win games. Wealth, power, status, and kingdoms are all decided by winning. But there is rules that must be followed such as all cheating counts as a lost, and accepting terms means you must comply with the deal given.

In a world were they have always wanted to be in, and a fields which they excel in, They wish to conquer 16 races of Disboard, the world they're in, and become gods
So far I give it a top rating for its hilarious and sometimes deep lessons. they also use a lot of references to other animes and games because they too are avid players/watchers.

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