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Intro: From the studio who has made Kill La Kill, has produced a short ONA(Chose OVA cause it's the closest thing), that has brought tears to my eyes not by sadness but by sheer humor. With it's comic book style artwork, Inferno Cop touches on the problems of our daily society and satires it well. Everything from our society's court of justice,our reliance on technology, religion and even cliche anime tropes from time to time.

Story: The story is from a cop that has come from hell to deliver justice. A cop that is fighting crime in a society that has risen in crime rates. A cop that is named Inferno Cop.

Characters and the Voices
Inferno Cop: He is the messenger of justice of hell protecting the citizens of Jack Knife Edge Town. Voiced by Junichi Gotou who plays almost no roles at all, except a supporting character from Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor named Shigi and in this ONA role.

With other characters in the series, I couldn't find any important information on them besides Inferno Cop. The other voices in this series though are just as humorous. Not to mention some sexy narrators.

Animation and Artwork: The animation is debatable, whether it can be terrible or unique to the view. It isn't anything fancy where movements are connected as characters move. The pictures are drawn out and the animators make movements with that one drawn out picture, which I find to be a charm from the series. The overall style gives you this comic book action hero cliche view, while giving you side-aching dialogue and events. Oh and, there are explosions, that's a thing.

Music: Gosh, the music. The music has rock,mellow tones, odd raps, and mournfulness, used when a scene might be over exaggerated...all in German I believe. There is not much to the soundtrack, but I have names of the songs if anyone is interested, used in the show.

List of song names:
Grue Elise von mir
Die Hollen Porizei
Fact File

Just include Inferno Cop with these songs in a Youtube search bar and Voila.

Enjoyment and Comments: As I'm typing this, my sides still kinda ache. This show is very memorable for it's satire, WTF factor and reference to the Director's past works like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Gurren Lagann. The anime's animation can be something to get used to, but the artwork style should make up for it. The hilarity of this show is something to experience. If there is a flaw in this anime, it would be the "plot," but hell the anime was pretty much making fun of a "plot" too, which is something I found to be just plain awesome. Something I wish is if they added over exaggerated epic choirs or orchestra for some of the epically proportioned battles that Inferno Cop struggles through. Each episode is 2-4 minutes long and the last episode is 12 minutes, so watching this should feel like an eternity when you've only spent about 50 minutes run the whole thing. I suggest this to anyone, no, I WANT anyone reading this review to watch Inferno Cop and be enlightened.

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