Review: Amuri in Star Ocean
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Other Names:
Hoshi no Umi no Amuri
Action, SciFi, Yuri
Anime (OVA)

In the future, in a time not quite explained, a new era will begin. This era is brought about when the sun begins to emit increased amount of radiation. Though this radiation has little effect on the earth, children were born posessing abilities known as "Allergies". These abilities differ from person to person and the main character Amuri is no exception. We begin our story with Amuri heading towards the Pink Coral space station, which subsiquently is destroyed almost immediately without her having even landed. Little is known about this facility through the story other than that it seems to have been a gathering place for people with Allergies so that they can better understand their abilities. Having been knocked back into space and the craft in which she was flying destroyed, Amuri is protected by her Allergy. Amuri since she was born, has had the ability to repel any object or person that comes towards her, whether she wants it too or not. Finding two other survivors, they are carried to a moon created from humankinds rubbish and they soon find themselves fighting for their lives as they try to figure out how they got into this situation, and if they will ever be rescued.

Ok, I guess I should firstly admit my loathing of the 3D Imagery for anime, as I believe this sort of animation should be reserved only for games. In many cases, I will probably turn the anime off as soon as I see it is CGI, but the story of this one did peek my interest somewhat and I found myself watching it through to the end. The story is pretty corny, but the music is good enough to make you want to listen more. Flashbacks of the characters pasts showing how their abilities had caused them trouble throughout their lives is actually done quite well, but the flow of the story moves a little too quickly with the characters personalities switching back and forth every few minutes. I suppose this can be explained by the OVA's shortness, though I must admit a strong lack of originality in many areas. In fact, it is probably easier to explain why this anime is appealing than complain about the story, so here are some reasons I feel you might want to give this story a try.

The first big reason of this, is that the song featured throughout is very good and perfectly fits the mood in which it was used, the second is that the characters are all three completely different types, from the quiet fearful and shy type, to the hyperactive running around type. The three main characters contrast each other so much, it is almost funny that they should have to rely on each other to survive, yet you can also see a similarity between them, leading to the characters having a very good design. Yuri connotations are mentioned, though the love interest is a somewhat immediate response, and I would certainly have liked to see more on whether this was a true love or just a friendship love.

This story leaves many things unexplained, and in order to use certain plot devices, they seem to ignore the characters abilities and limitations, allowing for kissing between the characters who can't normally touch another human being. I do recomend this as a quick watch when you're between anime, but I don't think you should watch this anime expecting great things, as it will only leave you disappointed.

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