Review: Corpse Party
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Other Names:
Corpse Party: Missing Footage
Mystery, Horror, Thriller
Anime (OVA)

The OVA - If you're a fan of the Corpse Party game, newcomer to the series, or just all around wanted to find an anime you wanted to watch, this is not the show for you. Seriously, it's not. Unless you're good with over the top gore, characters that have the iq of 10, and thee worst ending I've probably ever seen in an anime ever. Then welcome to the Corpse Party OVA series.

Originally, this movie came with the Tortured Soul game for the PSP, which had the Missing Footage OVA. With just this short 10 minute video clip, it immediately made the game an Adult only. The game itself isn't that bad, though.

So, the show starts as how the game normally starts, all the 9 characters pull a piece of the cursed paper man, and they get sucked into Heavenly Host Elementary school, but to rain on your parade, this OVA movie series follows all the wrong ends. Wrong ends is normally when you do something to change the story so that an important character dies, and they pretty much do ALL of them; which made the series depressing as well as overly disgusting in the ways they dispose of characters/non main characters.

As before mentioned, the characters are idiots. They possibly break every single horror movie rule in the matter of 4 episodes. That's 24 minutes long. This should be a record of some sort.

The good things about the show is they actually keep some of the deaths that the characters that were supposed to die experience; so that doesn't really change. Doesn't make it really good though; it's still really gross.

So yeah, i really wouldn't recommend this if you played Corpse Party. I'd recommend it if you like gore though. Be warned that this gore is actually worse than Elfen Lied or shows like that. Not even kidding, I nearly puked watching it.

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