Review: Dead Leaves
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Other Names:
Action, Comedy, Thriller
Anime (Movie)

Want to watch a uber fast crazy fun movie? Then this Movie is for you! This movie is SUPER FAST PACED I mean it's around 40 min and the story is looping (I think?!) It starts out with 2 nude criminals? Yakuza members? assassins? well Retro and Pandy don't know what they are and they really don't care. They steal what they want when they want until they end up in a ultra prison for clones. They soon break out in hilarious fashion and go through a lot with everyone of the other prisoners. In the end they all form a gang and continue on there way to finding out how to leave.

While you are watching this you might miss a few minor detail because of the colors and super fast pace action. But the story isn't something that should be taken very seriously. So don't worry about it! The music is just as fast the art style and plot never a dull moment so be ready for some loud pumping beats and some blurry quick art!!!!

All in all this movie is a classic (in my opinion) just because it short, to the point, and just makes you wanna laugh out loud

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