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Intro: R-R-R-Redline! The fast paced, eye-r@ped animated movie from Studio Madhouse has brought us one of the greatest anime film to date. In the 7 years of the making, the film is entirely hand drawn, along with the style that flares the movie up. The anime is pure fun and eye candy for anyone who is looking for something unique.

Story: Story is pretty straightforward. Every 5 years, the biggest race competition is held which is called Redline. Qualifiers enter by racing in a preliminary called Yelllow Lines, meaning multiple preliminary races to get in. The story focuses on JP and Sonoshee McLare, two die hard racers bolting for 1st place in The Redline.

Characters and the Voices:
JP: Also known as Sweet JP, he is the super pompadour racing dare devil that everyone can love. Hes smooth, cool, and most of all, loves to race. Voiced by Takuya Kimura, who is a pop idol in a group called SMAP. English dub voice by Patrick Seitz who is Kiyomasa Senji from Deadman Wonderland and Laxus from Fairy Tail.
Sonoshee McLare: aka Cherry Boy Hunter, she is a pure car maniac building her own ride. She is voiced by Yuu Aoi, who often does live action roles, but has also voiced Shiro from Kekkon Kinkreet. The English voice is done by Michelle Ruff, who is also Rukia from Bleach, Yoko from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Yuki Nagato from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

When it comes between dub and sub, I actually prefer the dub. Reason is, JP sounds more smoother, the announcers sound more ecstatic, and the other characters seem to do as well as the Japanese. The Japanese does sound great, but the dub gives off more funk to it. Though, dub is a preferation of mine on this one, you're free to choose of course.

Music: The Soundtrack is filled with some funky stuff...the good kind. Some funky grooves, intense techno, soothing tones, and intensive tones. It sets the mood just right, and just right with the atmosphere's style.

Example tracks: 1.2,5,9,10,14,30

This anime has easily one of my favorite soundtracks. If you have time, I highly recommend listening to some of the tracks.

Artwork: Well, as said before, this has been in a 7 year production with everything hand drawn. What is impressive is that everything looks so smooth and well done. The color mixing, animation, and smoothness is just so well done. I mean, when scenes get really intense and fast, the artwork injects steroid and acid together to make something beautiful and mind boggling. The designs for the different aliens and the atmosphere are so very memorable. The artwork, hands down, is perfection, or very close to it.

Final Comments: Despite the movie having great music and extreme, fabulous artwork, it does have quite a few flaws. The story is rather weak, seems quite straightforward and I wish there was something interesting in it. Some things in the story are just pushed in to make it interesting without a good explanation. Along with some characters not getting a decent explanation on how they came to be. Looking at Redline, it has a few flaws overall, as a movie you can expect so much to be squeezed in a limited time of 90 minutes (plus 7 years of production for this thing). What are you doing? That's right, finishing this review, and when you're finished, hop on over to Redline!

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