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Continuing on from where the second season left off, the Love Live! Movie shows us how our favourite idol group cope with the graduation of three of their members and the memories that they will be leaving behind. However, before any definitive plans can be made as to their future, another exciting opportunity is offered for them which sparks 6 new songs and a huge change in Muse's popularity, creating reactions that will literally have you laughing out loud.

Filled with the cute humour that you come to expect from this particular series, the Love Live! Movie is an interesting watch. However, it is not all cuteness and fluff as the writers truly try and depict the emotional conflict and anxiety that comes on the verge of change, especially for such a tight knit group. These constant changes from light and happy, to tense nervousness work well as a hook to keep the audience interested, and it was a pleasant experience from start to finish and offer another layer to the series. The constant fluctuations between being what they want to be and doing what is expected of them mirrors some real life situations completely, making the story that little bit more relatable.

However, by the end of the film I have to admit that personally, I was a little disappointed. Although interesting, the plot did have some major holes, including a character that just seemed to appear and disappear at points and who was never really explained. I fear that this, and some of the other unexplained sections of the plot detract from the over all enjoyment of the film.

Other than that, it was a fun watch, and finally gave the long awaited answer to whether Muse would continue or not. So, while not the best film out there, I would still recommend this film for fans of the Love Live! Series and anyone wanting to find out what the future holds for Muse!

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