Review: Naruto Shippuden: The Last
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Other Names:
The Last: Naruto the Movie
Action, Comedy, Romance
Anime (Movie)

The last of the Naruto film franchise before the story of Boruto, Naruto Shippuden: The Last tells the story of what happens two years after the end of the great ninja war. We start the story with the first meeting of Young Hinata and Young Naruto, a meeting though uncool, is the beginning of Hinata's love for Naruto. As to be expected, the film will then deal heavily with the relationship between Hinata and Naruto.
After the war peace has returned to the ninja world, but a new threat is looming, the moon is slowly drawing closer and threatens to destroy the world they have all fought hard to protect. But is this phenomenon really natural? Or is there someone pulling the strings? This film deals heavily with the Hyuuga family giving us for the first time an insight into their history.

A somewhat sweet story, this film is very different to the Naruto movies and series that have gone before it. The main focus is on the developing relationship causing the flow to feel a little fast and mixed up in the action scenes. A somewhat corny and yet not unusal love story, it does seem to deviate a lot from what one would come to expect from the Naruto franchise and I can see many fans being disappointed. However, if like me you watched this film to see the relationship, then this was a great film. I would probably have liked a little more focus on the characters however and possibly a bit more information into what Sasuke was doing as he makes little appearance in he film other than through Sakura's thoughts of him.

Overall I feel that this film is a bit mediocre and though I feel I would like to watch it again, I can't help feeling that the difference is a bit much for such a popular series.

The series does however have a few saving graces as it does not lack in the comical aspects we come to expect of Naruto, and Hinata is still as shy as ever of her feelings for Naruto. Also, when you consider the story so far, it's probably about time we heard a bit more about the Hyuuga after the series previously heavy focus on the Rinegan and the Uchiha.

I think this is a must see film for any Naruto fan, but I think that though it will be popular with some fans, I feel the majority will either be disappointed or feel the film to be a bit lacking.

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