Review: Akira
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Other Names:
Akira Remastered edition
Action, SciFi, Supernatural
Anime (Movie)

Akira Remastered is a blast from the past (original came out in 1988) and newer the remastered version did not did not disappoint. The remastered stayed true to all that was Akira , but updated all the looks making it in full HD and a full HD soundtrack. This action packed anime movie is based in Neo-Japan in the year 2019, Japan is recovering from WW3, and the main characters are Kaneda and Tetsuo whom are both high school drop outs at the beginning they are just part of a simple bike gang with a group of there friends, but things turn serious when the two stumble upon a government project to research weapons and discover the weapons are telekinetic humans. There also happens to be a rebel group that challenges the government project and one of the rebels Kei is one of the main characters you will see quite a bit later in the film. When Tetsuo learns about there most powerful subject Akira, he dares to challenge him. Though Akira Remastered was good through and through the one or two problems i had with it was sometimes the story can get a little confusing and some characters you wish to see more often don't appear much in the film. (like the other friends they had)

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