Review: Kill la Kill
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Other Names:
kiru ra kiru
Action, School, Comedy
Anime (Manga)

Kill la kill is an old art style type anime that becomes more detailed as the episodes progress.

In the beginning you meet transfer student Ryuko Matoi a troublesome kid that doesn't take nothing from nobody. Ryuko enters the new school (Honnouji Academy) to find answers about her fathers death. You soon find out that it's not gonna be as easy as walking into the Academy and asking who killed her father. She meets and makes friends with Mako Mankanshoku. Who is a troublesome and lazy student. She gets in trouble early on and has to face a 2 star uniformed club leader, and faces udder defeat against this club leader. During the last seconds of the battle she distracts him and she escapes. She runs away to her fathers old house (which was burned down) and falls down a trap door where she meets Senketsu a sailor uniform that has a special power and Senketsu forces himself on to her.

As the story progresses you find out more about the people she faces, the elite 4 and the ways of like in Honnouji Academy. Later on in the story you find out what it means to be human and what it means to be clothing

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