Review: Shion No Ou
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Other Names:
Shion's King
Game, Psychological, Mystery
Anime (TV)

After the brutal murder of her parents before her eyes, the young girl lost the ability to speak and is forced to communicate through writing in her note book. However, jump forwards a few years and she has managed to make a happy life for herself despite her tragedy. Taken in by a friend of her father, Shion Flourishes as a Shogi protégé in the pro league even when she is still in school. Through her games she is able to communicate with her opponents in a deeper manner than many others.

The show follows her as she makes her way up the pro league forming strong friendships whilst, ever present in the background, the police fight tirelessly to find the one who killed her parents who is still at large. As she progresses her skills develop leading to many nail biting games and long debates.

Through out the anime, the story fluctuates from heart warming scenes of friendship and the tension as the mystery gets closer and closer to being solved which, mixed in with the interesting back stories of the other main characters leads to an anime that does not slow down.

Though at points the story can get a little rushed through some of the games, the mix of emotional heights makes Shion an anime that it would not be wise to miss. However, some of the very first scenes could be considered disturbing to some people and would not be advisable for children under 13. Still, it is a must see for anyone wanting a serious story to pass the time with. I would seriously recommend this to anyone who enjoyed others such as Saki, and loves a good mystery.

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