Review: Corpse Party
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Other Names:
Corpse Party: Tortured Souls
Horror, Supernatural, Thriller
Anime (TV)

The Sachiko ever after charm is meant to bind friends together for a life time. Each of them tears a piece from the doll charm after the incantation and, so long as they keep it on them, their bonds will never be broken. When their friend is moving away, a group of 9 decide to try out this charm as a way of saying goodbye, but not long after they do, everything seems to go to hell… quite literally.

After an earthquake seems to shake the school, the small group is pulled into an alternate space that seems to resemble the scene of a gruesome murder of children from almost 30 years in the past, all of them apparently sealed in different spaces which makes it impossible for them to interact. In a place where dead bodies are everywhere and vengeful spirits abound, the group begin their fight for their sanity, and survival.

The anime itself is based off of the original game of the same name and, as such, the plot is rather fast moving, going from start to finish in only 4 episodes, but that is still plenty of time to fit in enough blood, guts and other wise disturbing scenes to satisfy almost any horror fanatic out there, and, in terms of the thriller genre, I am tempted to say that it is up there amongst series like 'Hellsing.' Also in its favour is the deviation from the normal from the normal horror movie structure keeping you guessing as to what will happen next right through to the very last scene.

However, the anime can also be classed as deeply disturbing or upsetting to some people, and with some scenes of extreme violence, it is probably not a good series for anyone under the age of around 16, or anyone with a nervous disposition. Also, the plot seems to suddenly shift towards the end of the story leaving the audience confused as to exactly what happened at the end, with some major events that aren't explained very well. Though, despite all this, I would still recommend this anime for anyone who is interested in the whole horror/ thriller genre and is looking for a quick, psychological story in between other, longer ones.

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