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Other Names:
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad
Drama, Slice-of-Life, Music
Anime (TV)

Story: Tanaka Yukio, also called Koyuki, is a 14 year old that feels like he has nothing to go on with his life. Until he met Ryusuke who makes a band and inspired our main character to be involved in music. the band will be called Beck, as the band struggles to make it through the tough music industry

Characters and the Voices:
Tsunemi Chiba: A hyperactive character that love to impress the leaders, he is the lead singer in Beck. Japanese voice by Oohata Shintarou who doesn’t voice many characters. English voice by Justin Cook who is also Yuusuke from Yuu Yuu Hakasho.
Ryusuke Minami : He has a chill personality and a bro, who has the aura of a rocker. Also the leader of Beck and one hell of a guitar player. Japanese boice by Ueno Yuuma who only plays this one and only role. English voice by Eric Vale who is also Shin-ah in Akatsuki no Yona, Teenage Trunks from Dragon Ball Z , Yuki from Fruits Basket and much more.
Sakurai Yuji: A loyal and courageous friend of Koyuki, he joins Beck as the drummer for Beck. Japanese voice by Nara Tooru who is also Naoki from Cardfight!! Vanguard. English voice by the Johnny Yong Bosch who is Shoutarou from Akira, Yukio from Ao no Exorcist, Ichigo from Bleach and so much more from him.
Yoshiyuka Taira: The bassist in Beck, he seems like the most level headed and mature one of the group but may come off as uncaring. Japanese voice by Nojima Kenji who is also Yuji from Blue Gender, Shiki from Carnival Phantasm and Yuuto from Highschool DxD. English Voice by Jerry Jewell who is also Claire from Baccano, Kyou from Fruits Basket, and Russia from Hetalia
Yukio Tanaka: Nicknamed as Koyuki, he is the second guitarist and a singer of Beck. Koyuki is often bullied in school, timid but develops nicely along the series. Japanese voice by Daisuke Namikawa who is also Rokuro aka “Rock” from Black Lagoon, Ulquiorra from Bleach, Joe from Gatchaman Crowds, North Italy from Hetalia and so much more. English voice by Greg Ayres who is also Onigri from Air Gear, Kouta from Baka To Test, Rygart from Break blade, Nagisa from Free! and so much more, too.

The opening is very catchy once you get into it, i personally love to listen to it every time an episode starts. The soundtrack itself is filled with rock, grunge, rap, alternative that wraps everything in an early 2000s rock package with songs that are all memorable. Now, i would like to mention with this genre of music, it will differ from person to person since not everyone likes this kind of genre of music nowadays, so it's a good hit or miss.

The animation is provided by Studio Madhouse who has also done Death Note, Hunter x Hunter (2011), Hellsing Ultimate, No Game No Life and much much more. Shown by their past and present works, Madhouse provided the best quality of animation in its time period. I was pleasantly surprised when the guitar, bass and drum playing were animated accurately to give an authentic feel to the show. There were noticeable drops in animation qualities but this is very minor on the score.

Final Comments:
Beck is a good throwback to early 2000s rock music in its western themed songs and atmosphere. The progression of the band, BECK and Koyuki progress very nicely in the show, feeling realistic in what they go through in their quest to become a hit. Animation makes it even more realistic with the guitar playing and animation being accurate. The comedy in the show is also kooky as well, especially scenes where Ryuusuke is being the coolest of bros for Koyuki. I suggest watching the show in dubbed rather than subbed. Why? A lot of the shows influence is from western rock culture, so all of their songs are in english and there is a good amount of english speaking scenes in this show to the point where sub will most likely make someone cringe. Plus, the rock singing from the dub actor hits more home to me with their raspy singing. As much as I would like to say this show is a masterpiece, it sure had some minor, irritable flaws in it. Lets start with...the frequency of Koyuki being bullied, it’s seemingly almost like he is getting bullied at every moment, so often that it gets annoying. His friends often beat the guys who pick on Koyuki, so you’d think that’d be enough to keep people off of him. Also, in 3/4s of the show, coincidental events start to happen to make Beck as awesome as possible and as much as I was hype for it, it was rather sudden and rushed. Beck is a staple music anime that absolutely must not be shrugged off or at least be checked out.

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