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Place to Place
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Tsumiki is a shy and very tsundere kind of girl with a crush on her classmate Io. She is quiet and spends her days at school trying to get close to Io whilst pretending she doesn't have feelings for him. Her friends at school all know about her feelings and often tease her about it whilst trying to help their relationship.

This anime balances the rather old idea of a shy girl who falls in love with a normal looking guy. However, Io appears to be popular in school and all the girls fall for him which makes Tsumiki feel uneasy. With over the top characters and an oblivious love interest, Acchi Kocchi is sure to make its viewers laugh throughout.

This anime supports a variety of different characters, from the overly obsessed inventor girl (for whom we never get to see the eyes), Mayoi who often plays Bokke to the other characters tsukkomi and is probably the main antagonist as she seems to see it as her duty to embarass Tsumiki (who often ends up knocking her flying with a punch or smashing her into a wall), to the quiet and most normal girl Himeki (nicknamed Hime). Though even the normal girl Hime has her peculialities, whether it be her over the top clumsiness, her comical innocense, or the fact she gets nosebleeds when ever she sees something she considers intimate betweent the characters.

Opperating on a Side A and Side B system, Acchi Kocchi gives two different settings in each show and seems to have a new joke every few seconds. You may think this would seem a little overdone, however unlike shows such as Nichijou which are dotting around making gag after gag, Acchi Kocchi has just enough focus on the storyline that it will keep even those fans who are not great fans of comedy anime entertained.

If I was to describe this series, I would say it was probably a cross of Lucky Star with Nichijou and Tsumiki's personality would match quite well with Tsundere-san from Nichijou. Those who are fans of either of these shows would definitely find themselves at home with Acchi Kocchi, though the story flow definitely feels more like a romantic Lucky Star than Nichijou.

Over all, if I was to say there was any downside to this show, it would be that the relationship develops a little slowly and that Mayoi's character never revealing her eyes at any point in the anime was a little disappointing. However, these things did not feel out of place and they did not ruin the story that is portrayed in this anime leading to me providing this anime with a max star rating.

But don't let me decide it all for you, watch the anime and feel free to leave your own comments in the comments section below.

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